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Equity and Justice are the top issues at National Adaptation Forum

One day into the National Adaptation Forum and it's clear that for many people, climate change resiliency starts with equity and justice. Yesterday's talks were about rain gardens and healthy eating and assessment tools and political action but, despite their varied subjects, they were also all about the need to listen to people, the need to 'share' rather than 'teach,' the need to create healthy communities in order to even start the discussion about creating a healthy climate. Enhancing human dignity, developing racial and environmental justice committees and conducting Undoing Racism workshops were at the core of every presentation, constantly reiterating the theme that climate change adaptation cannot move faster than the trust people share with each other.

Again and again, speakers noted that this will be a slow process, that we need to stay focused and that there is no magic bullet. But through intentional action, ongoing training programs and the willingness to be bold and take risks, we can get to a better place. And we can only get there together.

And that means all of us, fairly, honestly and equitably.

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