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Craig A. Kelley, Chair

Craig Kelley has served as a Cambridge City Councillor for more than 10 years, and is a former environmental consultant to the Army Reserves. He received a degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a JD from Boston College Law School.

Marc Aidinoff

Marc recently moved back to Cambridge from Washington, D.C., where worked on a range of issues in the Office of the Vice President. He has worked on infrastructure investment, gun violence prevention, and community resiliency. As a Ph.D. student at MIT, he is interested in how institutions make decisions.

Sonia Andujar

Sonia is a longtime community organizer and low-income housing advocate, a local artist, and has experience developing radio and television productions for the Hispanic community. She has resided in Cambridge for over 25 years,and is now retired.

Suni Dillard

Suni has served on the Resiliency Work Group for the National Council for Architectural Registration Board where she has been an advocate for social and environmental issues in architecture. She previously directed a project with the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board to address the development of more resilient manufactured homes in response to the devastation of Tropical Storm Irene. She is an architect currently working in Cambridge for HMFH Architects.

Gary Dmytryk

Gary is a North Cambridge resident with an interest in cultural anthropology. His previous experiences include working with refugees, human rights organizations, and tech companies. He is a member of Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities, and also President of the Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods.

Emily Harrison

Emily has been a resident of Cambridge for the past 10 years, and is working toward finishing her Ph.D. in the History of Science at Harvard University. She also received a Master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard. She is interested in community resiliency on a global level, and connecting people across social and demographic contexts. Prior to moving to Cambridge, she lived in NYC for 5 and ½ years, and helped to organize communities in the East Village.

Julia Holloway

Julia is a lifelong Cambridge resident who is interested in neighborhood creation, what it means to be resilient, and how we might imagine resiliency in the community in a similar way to how we discuss a resilient body.

Ethridge King

Ethridge is a proud father of two boys Josepeh and Gabriel, and is married to Astrid King. A longtime Cambridge resident, Ethridge is a graduate of the Cambridge Public Schools, and earned both his BS and MBA from Boston University. Ethridge serves as the current Chair of the Cambridge Election Commision and during the day he's the Director of Donor Services for Boston Children's Hospital Trust.  

Gail Kubik

Gail is an architect who designs resilient buildings in and around the Metro Boston area. 

Sean Rogers

Sean is an expert in climatology whose previous work has included the authoring the first urban heat-island effect study in the city of Dublin, Ireland. He is currently involved in technology security, and is interested in the effects of heat on communities.

Sam Seidel

Sam is an urban planner by training, and former Cambridge City Councillor

Tony Spears

Tony operates his family-run funeral home A. J. Spears, which has served the Cambridgeport community for more than 50 years. He considers the funeral home a resource for the community and people who may need services or advice on matters outside of funeral services. His media company, Western Ave Media, consults for larger companies working in TV, film, and digital content. 

Steven Wineman

Steven is a native of Cambridgeport, and helped to form the neighborhood group Greenport to address climate change at local level about 10 years ago. He is a writer and retired mental health professional.

Wilford Durbin

Wil as been a Somerville resident for more than 5 years, and has degrees in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public (PPP) and American History. As a native of rural Ohio, he is interested in the development of non-urban models of resiliency and environmentalism that complement folkways. He is Council Aide to Craig Kelley. 

Executive Assistant to the Committee

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