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Resiliency GIF/Photo Contest

The challenge of implementing resiliency often stems from a failure of imagination: not only a failure to imagine the types of challenges we as a city of neighborhoods will face in the future, but also in imagining what it means to be resilient. 


The word lives in abstraction until some unforeseen event excites people to action. At that moment, the definition of resiliency becomes more clear--it is a soup kitchen, a support network, extra batteries, and a shady tree. 

As the Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency prepares to make recommendations to the Mayor on how to improve resiliency in Cambridge, we invite you to submit your GIFs and photos to help us answer the question: "Cambridge is preparing for an unpredictable future. How is YOUR neighborhood prepared?" 


We invite you to use your imagination to help us visually depict "resiliency" in your neighborhood, at your workplace, and at your school. (Click here for inspiration if you are interested in creating a GIF). 


  1. Submissions must be receive before the end of September 30, 2016.

  2. Photo or GIF must contain an image of Cambridge, and the neighborhood must be identified in the submission.

  3. Submission may be sent to, or shared on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram using the #CambResiliency hashtag. 

  4. Selections will be made by members of the Mayor's Special Advisory Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency.

  5. Winning selections will be displayed at a ceremony in City Hall in September 2016 (details to follow).

  6. All images made or submitted must either be owned by the entrant or use materials clearly marked as either: in the public domain; have a "no known copyright restricts" status; or have a Creative Commons license which allows for public reuse.

  7. Prizes will be announced at a later date.


Entry is free and open to all Cambridge residents, and persons who work or study in the city. There is no limit on the number of entries a person may submit, but only one GIF and one photo from each person may be selected for display. Each individual entry must contain at least one image of Cambridge. All source material must be available for free and legal use. Entries to the Resiliency GIF and Photo Contest grant the Mayor's Special Advisory Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency, its organizers, staff, and members to use images and GIFs for the purposes of the Committee, including in publications that the Committee might create. Size limitations on GIFs shall be no larger than 2MB and no more than 540 pixels wide. The CNBR reserves the right to disqualify works that breach third party intellectual property rights, contain language or imagery that is offensive or obscene, or material that is confidential or invasive of personal privacy, or infringes the rights of any other person. 

Submit photos using #CambResiliency to Facebook, Twitter, and Intagram, or send an email to
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