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Resiliency Case Studies

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Case Studies

Throughout the Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency's research and discussion, we will post articles and resources that members found useful to understanding the challenge of making Cambridge resilient. We hope to provide a collection of websites, documents, and articles to help guide citizens as they explore the meaning of resiliency in their own communities. 

If you know of additional materials that may be useful, please email them along.

The Boston Marathon Case Study: Wireless Data and the 2013 Marathon Bombing

From the publication: "This document is a case study of wireless needs identified based on preparations for the annual Boston Marathon and the events that transpired following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings." The report provides a fascinating glimpse into the support system put in place to facilitate the 2013 Marathon, and how those systems were strained during the bombing and later pursuit of Tsarnaev brothers.

Cascading Failures: Earthquake Threat to Transportation and Utilities (2014)

The United States Geological Survey estimates that the San Francisco Bay Area has a 72 percent likelihood of experiencing a 6.7 magnitude or greater earthquake over the next three decades. This report from the Association of Bay Area Govermnets details the impact such an earthquake would have on the area's interconnected systems, including airports, roadways, passenger rail, fuel sources, electric grid, and water system.

Click on the image to view the abbreviated report, and the button below for the full report.

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