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About us


As we look forward, it is important to remember that Cambridge has traditionally been a resilient city, one which has remained globally relevant through the industrial revolution and into the digital age. Remaining resilient in the future as climate change alters the environmental and social conditions through which our City developed will require new ideas and approaches to keep Cambridge viable as a community of innovators and neighbors.


Our goal is to maintain a place for Cambridge in the world while preserving a place for our diverse communities in Cambridge. 

Maintaining a place for Cambridge in the world while preserving a place for our diverse communities in Cambridge.

The Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency is a special task force set up under the Office of the Mayor of Cambridge to make recommendations on improving neighborhood resiliency. 


The Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency (CNBR) hopes to give Cambridge a vision for addressing and adapting to future challenges in a way that utilizes the unique institutional and human resources of the City. The CNBR brings together a diverse group of Cambridge residents and stakeholders to discuss those challenges--whether related to climate change or community health issues--and when completed provide the Mayor with a set of recommendations to help neighborhoods remain resilient. 


Throughout that process we will engage various communities in the City to guide us in imagining what climate change and resiliency means for Cambridge. 


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